On-Campus Courses

SUNY Maritime College is conveniently located in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx, New York, only twenty minutes from LaGuardia Airport and thirty minutes from Kennedy International Airport.

At your Location

For your convenience, SUNY instructors are available to teach selected courses at your location. Although it is not possible to teach courses that require the special training assets which are available only on campus, many courses can be taught at your facility, or even on your vessel, resulting in considerable savings in corporate travel expenses. If you choose this option, we will bill the costs of the instructor's travel expenses plus ten percent along with the regular billing for the course.

Lodging & Meals

Unless otherwise noted, lodging and meals are not included in the advertised price for each course. The College has arranged special pricing with the Radisson Hotel located in New Rochelle, NY, just fifteen minutes away from campus.  For most current pricing information call the Professional Education & Training Office at 718-409-7341. 

A $300.00 deposit is required to reserve your space in each class. The deposit is refundable up to one week before the start of class. 

Individual courses carry separate policies. Please refer to the below policies to understand your obligations and requirements.



Basic Safety Training students receive classroom instruction, participate in practical exercises and are assessed for proficiency in shipboard safety related subjects as required by the Standards for Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Code. The topics of instruction provided during the five days of training are:

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

Personal Survival Techniques

Basic Firefighting

First Aid and CPR


Students must be present and alert during the prescribed hours of instruction (students must be on time for class, a student arriving late and missing critical segments will be refused a course certificate in related subject area)

Students must participate in and be assessed in all practical exercises per STCW code (pool session, firefighting and CPR)

Students must demonstrate the ability to understand the English language and communicate with others in relation to safety and emergency related shipboard duties.

Students must pass a written multiple choice examination for each of the four subject areas (passing grade is 70%)

Students must be at least 18 years old and be capable of participating in physical activities.  This includes entering a swimming pool to practice sea survival techniques, kneeling to practice CPR, and participating in fire fighting exercises including the use of a breathing apparatus.


Tuition balance must to be paid in full on the 1st day of class

Students leaving before starting day 2 of instruction will receive a refund

Students leaving after starting day 2 of instruction will not receive a refund

Students must cancel at least one week prior to the scheduled start of the course to receive a refund of deposit money

Students unable to complete all five days of training due to illness, injury, or family emergency may make up the missed training segment(s) at no charge during a future scheduled offering of the course

All Online (SLN) Courses

After the starting date of an online course, a student may withdraw up to one week into the class and recieve a full refund. After one week, no tuition refunds will be made.