Launch Tender

Launch Tender (LT)

This course is offered through the Waterfront at SUNY Maritime.  For more details and scheduling please visit thier website


STCW Requirements

Attendees will learn to operate powerboats and improve on-the-water boat handling skills. They will earn a U.S. Coast Guard limited operator of uninspected passenger vessels, or a master of self-propelled vessels engaged in launch tender service upon inland waters (not more than 1/2 nautical mile from shore). The course covers safe boat operation; docking and anchoring; marlinspike seamanship including knots, coiling and heaving line; navitational rules and aids; safety equipment; and emergency procedures, among other topics. It meets New York boating safety certificate requirements.

Eligibility requirements for limited master (launch tender):

  • 18 years old
  • Sea experience:
    • Limited master inland
    • 120 days experience in the operation of vessels; 90 days of the 120 must be within the last three years

This 16-hour course is offered in partnership with Landfall Navigation in Stamford, Connecticut.