International Ship and Port Security (ISPS/VSO)

International Ship and Port Security - Vessel Security Officer (ISPS/VSO)

2017 Dates

  • July 18 - 20
  • Dec 18 - 20



STCW Requirements

Port Facility Officer (FSO)

  • ISPS Code Part A 2.1.8
  • ISPS Code Part A 2.1.17
  • 33 CFR Part 105.205

Company Security Officer (CSO)

  • ISPS Code part A 2.1.7
  • ISPS Code part A 2.1.11
  • 33 CFR Part 104.220

Vessel Security Officer (VSO)

  • ISPS Code Part A 2.1.6
  • CFR Part 104.215


Attendees should be employed or about to be employed in positions where they are likely to be responsible for security.

This three-day course provides the requisite knowledge for a maritime industry professional to perform security duties and responsibilities, including overall security of ships and port facilities; developing port and ship security assessments; developing, implementing and maintaining port and ship security plans; and liaising between port, company and vessel security officers.


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